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Being diagnosed with Cancer is a very scary thing. Here are resources to help you.




Susan G. Komen-Hawaii - Breast Cancer Assistance and Resources - Your local resource for all matters around breast health, screening, treatment, research, patient support and advocacy.


KOMEN.ORG - Breast Cancer Assistance and Resources - Comprehensive collection of information and support about breast cancer, including:

    1. BREAST CARE HELPLINE - Free service providing patient support - 1-877-465-6636

     2. TREATMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - Financial support for those undergoing treatment

    3. CLINICAL TRIAL INFORMATION HELPLINE  Information about available clinical trials


Pacific Cancer Foundation - The Pacific Cancer Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2005 by a group of concerned health care professionals and cancer survivors. The Foundation focuses on providing free support services for Maui's cancer community.


Pacific Cancer Institute -  When faced with cancer, you want the best treatment options. Pacific Cancer Institute's advanced approach ensures that’s exactly what you get. You can receive treatment for a wide variety of cancers.


Maui Cancer Wellness Retreats (MCWR), a Maui-based 501(c)3 nonprofit, is dedicated to helping cancer survivors transform their lives to a new and better level of Health and Wellness. We provide scientific evidence based on the latest knowledge about genetics, epigenetics, lifestyle medicine, and the healing process for cancer patients to be able to achieve effective self-care and to share this knowledge with family and friends.  Cancer Care Toolkit -This integrative cancer care toolkit has been developed by Dr. Bridget Bongaard of Maui Cancer Wellness Retreats with Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine to help those recently diagnosed feel less overwhelmed, learn about approaches to support their treatment and overall well-being, and gain access to useful resources.

Hawaii QUEST is a Medicaid managed care program where the State pays health plans to provide coverage of medical and mental health services for low income residents.  If you are having trouble paying your medical bills, check this out to see if you can qualify.

Aloha United Way 2 - 1-1 

2-1-1 is Aloha United Way's free and confidential statewide helpline connecting individuals and familites with resources and information.2-1-1 specialists can search through over 4,000 government and nonprofit services and programs to find the information and resources you need.

  • Hope Lodge Hawaii - The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge program provides a free home away from home for cancer patients and their caregivers. More than just a roof over their heads, it's a nurturing community that helps patients access the care they need. Each Hope Lodge community offers a supportive, homelike environment where guests can share a meal, join in the evening's activities, or unwind in their own private room. Patients staying at a Hope Lodge must be in active cancer treatment, and permanently reside more than 40 miles or one hour away from their cancer treatment center. Each patient must be accompanied by a caregiver. 


Wailea Pharmacy 

Wailea Pharmacy is committed to serving all of Maui by being an active partner in your overall wellness. We are a locally-owned neighborhood pharmacy with a knowledgeable team of health and wellness specialists dedicated to excellent customer service and to provide a customized, integrative approach for your personal care whether you prefer conventional pharmaceutical treatments, holistic and natural remedies, or a combination of the two. We also host ongoing events such as complimentary prescription and wellness consultations, as well as blood pressure and diabetes screenings.


Healing Body Works-Maui - Rita Massey: massage therapy, Reiki, energy work, coaching, Soul Empowerment inner work. In person or virtual. Rita also offers  6 Keys to Empowered Healing program for cancer patients:


Wailuku Community Acupuncture Clinic - Wailuku Community Acupuncture allows people of normal incomes to access the powerful therapeutic, preventive, and palliative benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine. We benefit the public by providing extremely low-cost health care services for people from all walks of life, at all income levels. Regular access to this type of care can reduce the incidence of chronic diseases, can relieve chronic pain, and can resolve symptoms of illness when they do arise.


Perfection Bra Fitting Salon- Located at 39 Central Ave, Wailuku, Hawaii 96793, Perfection Bra is the only Maui location to buy intimate apparel and loungewear designed to nurture a woman's body and sense of self following treatment for breast cancer and other meaningful life events including other types of cancer, surgeries, post-pregnancy, menopause and even puberty. Our thoughtfully designed collection allows women whose bodies have undergone change to find lingerie that fits their evolving needs.



The Pink Fund provides 90-day non-medical cost-of-living expenses to breast cancer patients in active treatment* for breast cancer, so they can focus on healing, raising their families, and returning to the workplace.


Lung Cancer Resources- Lung cancer is now the most common form of cancer in the world, killing an estimated 1.8 million people in 2018. Yet, most of the public is unaware of the full extent of the disease, the causes and risk factors, or that there are different types.


Life Extensions Science & Researchclinical researchers continually push the envelope of scientific innovation in an effort to unlock new gateways to extraordinary wellness and vitality. We’re here to guide you through the hype and hysteria by translating science into everyday insights so you can make informed decisions and live your healthiest life. Here you will find in-depth protocols on a variety of health conditions and articles on the latest in health and nutrition science. For more information about our clinical research and studies, see Research 


The Metabolic Approach to Cancer - Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet, and Nontoxic Bio-Individualized Therapies. A book by Dr. Nasha Winters, who has been on a personal journey with cancer for the last 27 years. Her quest to save her own life has transformed into a mission to support others on a similar journey.


Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients - The financial costs associated with cancer are often overwhelming. Even having health insurance doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to afford treatment. It’s best to start researching your options before a financial crisis develops. This fact sheet lists various sources of financial assistance available to people with cancer. Check with each agency or organization to see if you qualify for help.


Talking to Your Doctor about Treatment - NCCN Guidelines for Patients® NCCN Guidelines for Patients®, translations of the NCCN clinical guidelines, are meant to help patients with cancer talk with their physicians about the best treatment options for their disease.


How to Get Quality Rest During Cancer Treatments - Sleep is an important part of the body's natural healing abilities. studies have found that a person getting enough sleep, wounds can heal almost a day faster than they do in someone who is sleep deprived. This is true for other medical issues as well. In the fight against cancer, you need as many healing capabilities as possible working as well as they can. Sleep makes an important contribution toward this fight.  


Managing the Side Effects of Radiation- About 60 percent of patients diagnosed with cancer will receive radiation therapy. Radiation in high doses damages cancer cells by interfering with the cell’s ability to grow and reproduce. However, normal cells of the surrounding tissue can also be affected, leading to side effects. Side effects only occur in the area of the body that is receiving the radiation. The severity depends on your dose of radiation, whether you’re also receiving chemotherapy and the size of the treatment field.


Cancer Anxiety- Anxiety and distress can affect the quality of life of patients with cancer and their families. Patients living with cancer feel many different emotions, including anxiety and distress. Anxiety is fear, dread, and uneasiness caused by stress.  Distress is emotional, mental, social, or spiritual suffering. Patients who are distressed may have a range of feelings from vulnerability and sadness to depression, anxiety, panic, and isolation.  Patients may have feelings of anxiety and distress while being screened for a cancer, waiting for the results of tests, receiving a cancer diagnosis, being treated for cancer, or worrying that cancer will recur (come back). Anxiety and distress may affect a patient's ability to cope with a cancer diagnosis or treatment.


The Emotional and Psychological Effects of Cancer- Despite advances in cancer care, the disease remains the second-leading cause of death behind only heart disease. Cancer’s association with mortality can wreak havoc on an afflicted person’s psyche, affecting their emotional and psychological well-being, including mood and daily activities, say oncology experts and patients who spoke with Angie’s List.


Tips for Managing Stress During Cancer Treatments- For most people, a diagnosis of cancer is a life-changing event that commonly evokes feelings of shock, fear, anger, sadness, loneliness, and stress. The diagnosis is just the beginning of a challenging journey in which patients and loved ones find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Furthermore, many people who have survived cancer and completed their treatment are afraid their cancer will return, which causes ongoing stress. Every person has slightly different coping mechanisms they develop to deal with the roller coaster of emotions. Typically, people approach problems by actively working on them or by brushing them aside. The first tactic works better and is healthier, even though it may feel overwhelming at times to deal with emotions.


6 Ways You Can Fight Cancer-Related Fatigue - Fatigue is one of the most commonly experienced side effects from cancer treatment. Cancer-related fatigue is different from feeling tired. When you feel tired, you get some sleep and then you awake feeling refreshed and otherwise fine. Symptoms of cancer-related fatigue may persist even when you’re getting enough sleep.  Many cancer patients want to know why they feel so tired. A number of factors can cause fatigue. First of all, there is the cancer treatment. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biotherapy and surgery can all contribute to feelings of fatigue. This may be due to side effects of the treatment such as anemia (a lowering of the red blood cells which help carry oxygen throughout the body) or side effects leading to dehydration or decreased nutrition. Medications used to treat side effects also can contribute to cancer-related fatigue.


Eating Well During and After Your Cancer Treatment - Good nutrition is very important for people with cancer. There may be some nutritional changes you can make now that will help you during treatment. Start by eating a healthy diet. This can make you stronger, help you maintain your weight, and help you fight infection. It may even help with the side effects of treatment.


How a Child Understands Cancer -  For most parents, few things are as frightening as hearing from the doctor that your child has cancer. Parents are dealing with their own fears and confusion at this time. Yet, they must also face the task of helping their child understand his or her diagnosis. Whether to tell your child that he or she has cancer.  Many parents think they can protect their child by not telling him or her about the cancer. But it is important to name your child’s medical condition as “cancer.” Parents should also further describe it since your child will hear this language from others. For example, call it by the type of cancer, such as sarcoma, leukemia, or a brain tumor. Naming a child’s illness as cancer is important. It helps build trust with your child, helps him or her feel included in medical exchanges, and decreases confusion. Also, it prevents your child from learning that he or she has cancer by hearing it from someone else. Your child is also more likely to cooperate with the tests and treatments.


Cancer Support CommunitiesAs the largest professionally led nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide, the Cancer Support Community (CSC) is dedicated to ensuring that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. Community.      


Legal Resources for Cancer Patients -  So what rights do cancer patients have? Some areas where you may have legal protection include: Protection for adequate care and communication from your medical team, Protection for fair treatment from your insurance,   Protection against discrimination in the workplace because of your disease.


Mesothelioma - Fight Mesothelioma NOW by educating yourself on the Latest Treatments, How to Survive Mesothelioma and Best Ways to Obtain Financial Assistance.


Mesothelioma- Selecting the right cancer treatment center for a mesothelioma patient is not an easy task, but it might be the most important decision a family can make for a loved one.


Mesothelioma Hub provides information about complementary treatments such as body-based therapies and herbal supplements, as well as the importance of nutrition and exercise.


Mesothelioma Lawyer Center- If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or an asbestos disease Mesothelioma Lawyer Center can help asbestos victims recover money for medical treatment and other expenses.


Hope Scarves - Hope Scarves is an international non-profit organization. We share hope with people facing cancer through scarves, stories and research. Since our founding in 2012, we’ve grown exponentially and affectionately became known as “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves.” The scarves and stories are paired together to spread hope to others in treatment. They are the tangible reminders there is light in the world. They are our “now.” The research is the push for change, and it is our future. Research is key for improved treatment options and outcomes. 


Cranes for Cancer  - There is an old Japanese tradition that 1,000 origami paper cranes will bring good luck. Cranes for Cancer's mission is to provide boxes of 1,000 cranes to cancer patients. The 1000 cranes bring hope and uplift spirits. We've been doing this for many years, but we NEED HELP!  If you know of a person who is in need of 1,000 origami paper cranes, please send an e-mail with a name and mailing address, and we will send your dear friend or family member 1,000 paper cranes of hope and healing. 


Medication management for cancer patients and caretakers - It’s not uncommon for those with cancer to be placed on an extensive medication regimen. We created this guide to educate people on how to safely simplify this often-complicated process. The guide offers practical advice on:


  • How to accurately read medication labels
  • Ways side effects of cancer treatments may impact managing medications
  • Medication safety tips and dosage information
  • Tips on medication organization and storage
  • Downloadable medication management charts

*Disclaimer: Some sites offer good info but sell prescription drug cards or other medications. Mana’olana is not advocating the purchase of any products, only the health-related information.  



10 Encouraging Cancer Quotes to Inspire Hope


1. “You’re a fighter!”

“When I was given a short time to live, I was told by one of my kids, ‘Mom, you’re a fighter! Let’s do this!”’


2. “Never give up hope.”

“A complete stranger overheard a conversation between the pharmacist and myself the day that we received my husband’s diagnosis of an aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma. As I prepared to leave, this gentleman apologized for listening to us, but felt like he needed to share these words: ‘My wife & I were where you are a year ago. Please remember to never give up HOPE!’ We never forgot those words from a complete stranger and are forever thankful.”


3. “You are NOT a statistic.”

“My first oncologist told me: ‘When you read about the statistics/prognosis; remember that you are NOT a statistic, you are YOU and you are unique.’ The prognosis I later read about was not good, so his statement always gave me hope. I have survived over 10 years. The prognosis was 2-3 years. He was right!!”


4. “Think of all the things cancer can’t do.”

“Cancer cannot cripple love. It cannot shatter hope. It cannot corrode faith. It cannot destroy peace. It cannot kill friendship. It cannot suppress memories. It cannot silence courage. It cannot invade the soul. It cannot steal eternal life. It cannot conquer the spirit.”


5. “Cancer is only a chapter in your life, not the whole story.”


6. “Take life moment by moment.”

“Cancer is a marathon – you can’t look at the finish line. You take it moment by moment, sometimes breath by breath, other times step by step. ”“Plan for the worst, hope for the best and live for the moment!”


7. “Cancer may have started the fight, but you will finish it.”


8. “Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.”

“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “move,” and it will move… and nothing will be impossible for you.”


9. “Everything will be OK.”

“You’re about to overcome something you’ve been dealing with. Your mind and heart will soon be at peace again. The weight is being lifted off of you right now. Breathe. Be patient. Everything will be OK.” “I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know WHO holds tomorrow.”


10.”I am here for you.”

“People who said ‘I am here for you’ were some of the sweetest words I ever heard.”


Whatever Quote You Choose, choose from the Heart

We hope these 10 quotes have been helpful in gathering inspiration for what to say to your loved one, or in offering yourself some peace. The most important thing to remember is that whatever words you choose to say, make sure your message is genuine and from the heart. Try to empathize and think about what would help you the most..