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Members of Maui Pinks are automatically members of Maui Canoe Club.

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E Komo Mai - Welcome to
Mana'olana Pink Paddlers

We paddle with a purpose


Stay strong as you live your life story and remember your blessings, no matter what circumstances you face”

Join Mana’olana Pink Paddlers -- Maui’s only non-profit 501(c)(3) outrigger canoe club dedicated to helping cancer survivors regain health and happiness after the grueling effects of cancer treatment.

Come paddle in our safe, stable, double hull canoes.  We paddle every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from Sugar Beach, North Kihei. 

Have fun, gain confidence, make new friends & become part of something bigger than yourself...
A new paddler said " I spent the morning paddling with the Mana'olana Pink Paddlers in support of people in my life who I’ve lost to cancer and friends who continue to struggle. What a magical, spiritual experience!


Email for further information.

PLEASE NOTE:    Your Mana'olana membership includes membership with Maui Canoe Club who paddles every weekday morning. 

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kahu trinette


Maui Canoe Club’s beach land is owned by Mahi Pono.  Per our agreement, the following parking regulations must be complied with.  These regulations apply to all members and their guests, so please read carefully and share this information with your paddling visitors. 

  1. Members will no longer park on the mauka side of the highway. All members must park on the makai side of the highway, next to the beach. Our clubs will clear space for more parking, including space for diagonal parking. Members are encouraged to carpool to save parking space.
  2. Members will not use area across the highway as “turn around area” in order to park. (NO LEFT TURNS)  If coming from the South, drive past our club to where the highway line is not solid.  Find a safe place to pull off the road on the right shoulder and wait until clear in both directions before turning around.
  3. Members will not cross the highway by foot.
  4. When leaving the beach, do not cross the highway in front of traffic to drive toward Ma'alaea..  Turn toward Kihei and find a legal and safe place to turn around to head toward Ma'alaea.
  5. For additional safety, members are asked to assist one another in backing out of parking spaces if sight is impaired.
  6. Members will take care to make sure their vehicle is not in the shoulder of the highway.
  7. Members are encouraged to carpool to the beach as much as possible.

The enforcement of these rules is non-negotiable so please don’t put your membership, and the club’s existence, at risk.